"He really /had/ wanted to kiss her. But for some reason he’d felt disgusted at the same time. Maybe it was the drug. Maybe it was Teresa. Maybe it was -
“Hey, Thomas!” Minho was yelling at him."

The Scorch Trials (James Dashner)

                 aka I am not crying, I just have Thominho in my eye

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oh my god toyota.


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You’ve got to believe it’ll be alright in the end

[for Eli <3]

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Successful penguin celebrating his…two steps.

☆ hilarious pics

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HEs sO FUcKinG adORaBlE IM crYINg

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#puppy (at Lake Linganore, Maryland)

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Footage from The Maze Runner B-roll x

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Do you think #TeenWolf dropped the ball on #LGBT representation? Op-ed: The Trouble With 'Teen Wolf' | Advocate.com


As I write the #TheTorchKeeper series, #TheCulling & #TheSowing, I want to create a story where #LGBTQ characters play a main part in the story and sexuality isn’t an issue. How do you guys feel that #TeenWolf is doing in this regard?

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The Maze Runner cast dancing on set x

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That’s right Gladers! The soundtrack is finally here!!

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this gif made me laugh really hard because Minho is like “gaAHH BRIGHT LIGHT IN MY EYES [reacts 18 seconds later] and Thomas is just like “wtf?” [grabs boob]
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in which Ki Hong Lee appreciates how much Minho admires Thomas (◡‿◡✿) 

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